Silicone - Molding the Future of Health & Beauty Tools?

Silicone can be found on the ingredients list of many beauty products including foundations, primers, lipsticks and hair products, to name a few. Recently silicone has found new fame as the primary material of innovative, personal use, health and beauty tools. 
Silicone Foundation Sponges
Silicone foundation sponges, such as the SiliSponge and the Evie Blender are trending in the world of makeup and are predicted to replace the foam beautyblender® in many makeup bags worldwide. The silicone makeup  sponge claims to use around 50% less makeup product due to the non-porous, non-absorbent silicone surface. The sponge is also regarded as far being more hygienic than its foam predecessor, as it is easy to clean and does not have the composition to carry or breed bacteria as foam or brush tools do.
The silicone sponge can be used to apply foundation, concealer, highlighter and cream blush - basically anything liquid! The popularity of the SiliSponge saw it sell out quickly, leading some innovate makeup lovers to use silicone chicken fillet bra inserts as a
substitute while waiting eagerly for re-stock! 
Silicone Lip Plumping Tool 
You may remember 2015 when Kylie Jenner was getting a lot of attention for her newly plumped pout (which, at the time, she attributed to masterly over-lining with lip liner). Around the same time those looking for an inexpensive, temporary alternative were turning to silicone lip plumping tools like those sold by CandyLipz and FullLips. Similarly to cellulite massage cups, these beauty tools are applied via suction, however the tool is left stationary with the intention to draw swelling and blood to the area, in turn increasing the size of the lips.
Silicone Cellulite Massage Treatment Cups
This convenient, manual tool incorporates principles of traditional Chinese cupping and Endermologie.  Beauty Toolbox Cellulite Treatment Cups have been molded from 100% medical grade silicone and independently evaluated for biosafety. These cup effectively treat cellulite, toxin build up, improve poor circulation and water retention. The cup is applied to the skin by suction, creating a vacuum that stretches and massages the connective fibrous tissues in the subcutaneous dermis, smoothing lumpiness, improving circulation and lymphatic system drainage. 
Other silicone beauty products growing in popularity:
Makeup brush holders by The Brush Bar
Hair rollers by Spoolies
Makeup brush cleansing eggs and matts by BrusheggBonbon and Sigma
Menstrual cups such as JuJuDivaCup and Lunette
So what’s all the fuss about!?
Silicone is an incredibly durable material which doesn't deteriorate the way other beauty materials like foam and natural or synthetic brush bristles may. The lifespan of silicone beauty tools vs foam or brush alternatives would easily be 4 fold. In todays throw away society it is nice to know your silicone beauty product will last the distance. Provided you care for your Cellulite Treatment Cup, it should ultimately be a one off purchase. 
Silicone is also non-toxic and flexible, and the perfect material for ergonomic, at home beauty tools.  
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